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Kromax is a business services organization that helps global companies to expand in the Indian market. Kromax grew into a global business services company that offers total solutions for contract manufacturing forming the whole range of strategic business expansion. It is headquartered in the vibrant city of Ahmedabad in the province of Gujarat state, the most business and industrial enterprising community blessed naturally with 3-side surrounding by sea coast the gateway to western side of India. Ahmedabad being central strategic as hub for key engineering segments like Foundry & Forged products, Mining, Marine, Hydraulics and Automotives. Its location is very convenient for rail, road, sea and air transporting.

While continuing to learn and acquire knowledge seamlessly, Kromax has now evolved into a complete trade services firm encompassing, business development, business consulting, technology transfers and global expansion. Kromax has multi-sector focus including key engineering segments mentioned above. The operation ably supported by a team which is highly experienced in global market.

Kromax's key strength is its knowledge, manufacturing and product development expertise across various industrial segments and business lines with clear understanding of its diversity and the culture. As many businesses across the world are looking towards Asia, Kromax is a choice for many global organizations to ensure customers lower their total costs, increase efficiency by becoming a true strategic partner in their business processes.

Kromax works with several Indian companies looking to expand their business, supporting and delivering some significant leads. Through its established network of contacts in India and overseas, many Indian companies have used Kromax's services to expand their businesses, especially in modernization programs.